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  • Dragonflies of North Bohemia
    There is a nice blend of warmth loving and several northern species ...
    The Alps and lake Neusiedl
    Lake Neusiedl as a popular birding destination combined with high Alps ...
    Butterflies of Macedonia
    One of the best arrays of butterflies of Europe is found in Macedonia..
    Birds of Belarus
    Pristine nature so well preserved in unknown Belarus hosts wonderfull array of eastern bird specialties.
  • Lake Kerkini in winter
    Lake Kerkini in northernmost Greece is one of Europe´s prominent wintering areas for birds.
    Flowers of Slovakia
    This tour offers the best cross-section of Slovak flora in June. The country boasts large areas belonging to the Western Carpathians ..
    Butterfly special
    This tour aims at several attractive butterflies. Most of them cannot be seen in July and some stand very high on many personal lists as attractive ..
    Butterflies and moths of Slovakia
    Slovakia is a small country that comprises large proportion of West Carpathian mountains, the backbone of Eastern Europe ..

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Butterfly photo tour to Slovakia. Much fun and much hope that we can repeat it next year. Thanks to Marek Fišer, Paul Cools and others for their enthusiasm.
Motýlí foto túra na Slovač a Moravskou Slovač. Hezky se fotí, když máte čas a motivaci.

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Cranes have been spreading back south. Czech Republic already has some 50 pairs while Germany and Poland over 2000 each. This family has bred in North Bohemia this year.

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You´ll never get tired of these ..
Tohle se nikdy neomrzí ..
Photo Miloš Balla, East Slovakia.

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