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  • Dragonflies of North Bohemia
    There is a nice blend of warmth loving and several northern species ...
    The Alps and lake Neusiedl
    Lake Neusiedl as a popular birding destination combined with high Alps ...
    Butterflies of Macedonia
    One of the best arrays of butterflies of Europe is found in Macedonia..
    Birds of Belarus
    Pristine nature so well preserved in unknown Belarus hosts wonderfull array of eastern bird specialties.
  • Lake Kerkini in winter
    Lake Kerkini in northernmost Greece is one of Europe´s prominent wintering areas for birds.
    Flowers of Slovakia
    This tour offers the best cross-section of Slovak flora in June. The country boasts large areas belonging to the Western Carpathians ..
    Butterfly special
    This tour aims at several attractive butterflies. Most of them cannot be seen in July and some stand very high on many personal lists as attractive ..
    Butterflies and moths of Slovakia
    Slovakia is a small country that comprises large proportion of West Carpathian mountains, the backbone of Eastern Europe ..

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Winter tours to lake Kerkini became firm part of our schedule. No wonder, the lake and its environs offer great selection of birds and landscapes too!

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And yet another comeback to the Czech Republic after centuries. Wild horses were introduced in a former Red Army military training area not far from where Skoda cars are produced. After some hesitation whether to choose Carpathian Hucul or Exmoor Pony the latter was brought from UK being more relative to original Central European horses. Let´s hope they can spread to other areas. Good luck ponies.

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Things have settled down and we are able to add a few more posts. This collage from Macedonia shows some of the many highlights seen on the tour.
Pár lepších druhů z červencové Makedonie. Výčet odshora zleva.

From upper left corner: Levant Sparrowhawk, Black Pennant (Selysiothemis nigra, second site for Macedonia), Lizard Orchid (Himantoglossum caprinum), Lesser Kestrel, Blue-eyed Hawker (Cordulegaster insignis, new site of this species), Geranium cinereum, White Pelican, Damon Blue (Polyommatus damon), Little Tiger Blue (Tarucus..

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