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Bird photography by …

Stanislav Harvančík

The best known Slovak bird photographer today. His photographs of timid forest and mountain birds became agency standard in his country. Some of the images will be never photographed again like the Saker on an old Raven´s nest on rocky ledge. He lives in Partizánske town and works for Lanscape Protected Area PONITRIEStanislav Harvančík authority as a zoologist. Stano has several books and exhibitions to his credit. He travelled widely to complete the photo database of the birds recorded in Slovakia to date. Most recent destinations were Scandinavia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Lesvos, India and Zimbabwe. This page shows some of his work with a commentary where it is worth.



Harvančík, S., 2007: Birds of Prey of Slovakia in Pictures, Dansta, Topoľčany, 96 pp. In English, German and Slovak. Price €15 + postage

Harvančík, S., 2009: Owls of Slovakia in Pictures, Dansta, Topoľčany, 136 pp. CD owl voices attached. In English, German and Slovak. Price €17 + postage

Harvančík, S., Siklienka,R., 2011: Prírodné krásy Slovenska (Nature wonders of Slovakia). Živočíchy, Dajama, Bratislava, 128 pp. In Slovak. Price €8,50 + postage

Harvančík, S., Kerestúr, D., Karaska, D.: Passerines of Slovakia in Pictures, will be published in 2014. In English and Slovak

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Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca). The photograph was taken in southwest Slovakia in 1986. It was made in classical way using Pentacon Six camera and 500/5.6 lens on Agfachrome R 100 photographic film. Imperial Eagles are very shy birds when nesting. However, this pair was surprisingly unsuspecting. There is no doubt that a tentative adoption of young Common Buzzard helped it. The pair was known to nest unsuccessfully for at least 10 years. Eagles adopted the young buzzard and looked after it with such an affection that they apparently ignored the photo hide built in a tree quite near to their nest.